Special Events, Fall 2021     

Dr. Jeremy Walter
On Sunday Sept . 19, Dr. Walter began hosting "The Genesis Academy" Video Series; A twelve-part teaching series by Creation Ministries International on Genesis 1-11. The series addresses the Theology, History, and Science of God's Book of Beginnings. It's never too late to join in!

Dr. Mark Armitage 

Friday, Oct. 22 ,  7:00 pm at Oakwood Presbyterian Church in State College. Professional Microscopist Dr. Armitage will share his recent discoveries, published in international technical journals, on the soft-tissues found in dinosaurs bones. This work has serious implications for the evolution of dinosaurs. Come view microscope slides for yourself!

Dr. Steve Austin

Thursday, Nov 4 at 7:00 pm : 
Dr. Austin will present "The Incredible World of the Honeybee." 
A fascinating multi-media presentation on the complex society, 3-D navigation, communication skills, and abstract recognition capabilities of the honeybee. Everyone is welcome to come and see God’s magnificent handiwork revealed. 
This event will be held at the
First Baptist Church of Bellefonte, 539 Jacksonville Rd, Bellefonte, PA.