"The Status of Creation  and Intelligent Design on Secular University Campuses"

 by Rev. Glen Bayly *

Rev. Bayly will report on the continued hostility on campuses to any alternate views to evolution. Included will be accounts from dozens of scientists of their experiences with this subject from Bayly's radio interviews with them. Drs. Michael Behe, Philip Johnson, John Sanford, Guillermo Gonzalez, Jim Tour, Mark Horstmeyer, and Phil Bishop are some he will cite.

*Retired Pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Radio Host for 18 years - The Lions' Den University Report, Received a BA from UC Berkeley in 1973 in Philosophy and ministry training with Campus Crusade for Christ and the Alliance.

Thursday, August 8th, 7  to 8:45 PM  at the Faith Baptist Church, 647 Valley Vista Drive, State College.